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"The Fever Zone Band is all about providing some fun tunes to rock n roll and groove to.   Whether it is up rocking the dance floor with the Feverettes,   tapping your foot at the bar stool or swaying in your chair you will surely enjoy this cool groove. "


- The Rolling Tone

We're just four dudes who rock out in JJ's man cave playing some of our favorite tunes and enjoy discussing all things music. We're hobbyists and family men first, but once in awhile we take our work on stage and get to transport whatever club we're at into the zone. Once there, everyone catches the fever and the only cure for that is undoubtably MORE FEVER ZONE!


The band started its journey back in 2009 and has opened and headed many local gigs up around the PA and NJ area.   Fans, including everyone from the always dancing MRV neighbors and the church ladies -  to the wild Fever-ettes girls - enjoy the Fever Zone’s hot set which includes everything from the James Brown, the Stones, Beatles and CCR to the Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20 and Sublime. 

Be sure to catch their act and stop up to say hello.

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